Welcome to my website (last update the 15th of March 2024)

My name is Karin Van Couwenberg and I live in Antwerp, situated in the northern part of Belgium. For me, nature and wildlife photography started simply as a way to record my adventures and trips so I could remember and revisit them for years to come. What started as an afterthought gradually evolved into a consuming passion.

GREAT NEWS: our third book, The Magic of Life is ready! Please go to contact page if you would like to order :) 40 euro per book + extra shipment costs.

We thank Jane Goodall for the foreword, her support and wisdom that we will never forget, reminding us that every little bit counts. Proceeds from this book will go to the Jane Goodall "Roots & Shoots" Foundation as well as “Tchimpounga Chimpanzee rehabilitation Center".

Our third book is a tribute to the wildlife and the beauty of our Earth. As Wildlife photographers, it is our duty to use the power of the visual storytelling and share the beauty that we encounter.

We are bringing a compilation of photos taken in various regions such as Botswana, Yellowstone, Belgium, United Kingdom, Alaska, Finland, Norway, … to raise awareness about the importance of protecting environment, fauna and flora on our Planet Earth.

We wanted to reduce the costs as much as possible and this is also the reason why the book will only be available from our websites, social media and via private distribution.

The book consists of 200 pages, full color and printed on premium paper, measurements 24 cm x 30 cm and with a hardcover and image wrap.

I hope you'll enjoy my photographs and don’t forget to visit this website from time to time because it will be updated on a regular basis. Thank you for taking this journey with me today.

Karin Van Couwenberg